Green Power, Materials and Manufacturing Technology and Applications

Volumes 84-85

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Yun Xu, Hai Jiang Chen, Ai Ping Li, Andrea Matta

Abstract: Facing the diversified demands and design complexity, a systematic design method for low-voltage motor protector is proposed based on...

Authors: Ke Feng Zhou, Yu Zhi Li

Abstract: In past 10 years, composite foundations, especially multipile composite foundations have been extensively used. Multi-pile composite...

Authors: Shui E Yin

Abstract: The SO2 and NOX from the coal-fired power station are the main gaseous pollutants in the air, which causes acid rain...

Authors: Jing Li, Xiao Dong Zhao

Abstract: Indium tin oxide thin film (ITO film) has been deposited onto the quartz glass by a sol-gel process, followed by annealing in air....

Authors: Ke Li, Jin Li Zhang, Hai Xing Zhao

Abstract: The electrowetting effect is one physical chemistry phenomenon, it through adds certain external voltage in the solid - liquid contact...

Authors: Bao Yu Xu, Xiao Zhuo Xu, Yi Lun Liu, Xu Dong Wang

Abstract: Based on wavelet transform and artificial neural network, a novel method which takes advantage of both the multi-resolution decomposition of...

Authors: Xue Juan Kang, Jun Feng Jing, Jia Kun Li, Qing He

Abstract: The background of this paper is Rotary Screen Printing Machine(RSPM),and the paper need to resolve the printing flower dislocation...

Authors: Rong Min Cao, Hui Xing Zhou, Rong Hua Ma

Abstract: Permanent magnet linear synchronous motor (PMLSM) driven inverted pendulum is a new member of present similar devices, various unexpected...

Authors: Yu Liang Liu, Yu Lian Zhang, S. Chen

Abstract: Pollution harness of industry power mainly depends on high-accuracy harmonic signal detection. In this paper digital filtering technology...

Authors: Tao Chen, Shuai Jing Wu, Jian Wei Shang, Lang Wei

Abstract: A method based on the 3D laser scanning is proposed for obtaining and analyzing the windshield's deformation in vehicle-pedestrian accident....


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