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Authors: Xian Wen Wu, Dan Zhang, Jin Chun Feng, Jian Li
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:According to the application, structural features and technical requirements of 320/50t-22m large quenching crane, the bridge girder of crane...
Authors: Zhong Hua Huang, Ya Xie
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:Inner flow field numerical simulation model of conical nozzle was established. The relationship between conical nozzle structural parameters...
Authors: Wei Zhang Wang
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:The present solutions of well cementing are mostly designed by designers’ experience and calculation which can not predict the engineering...
Authors: Qi Ming Gao, Li Li Wu, Guo Qing Zhao
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:With the increase request of strip quality, the roller eccentricity has become the important factor of influencing product quality. On the...
Authors: Di Hsiang Chou, Hsien Lung Tsai
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:Tungsten carbide (WC) is often induction welded to tougher and economical material, such as martensitic type 420 stainless steels (SS 420),...
Authors: Jin Chun Feng, Wen Bing Chen, Xu Liu, Song He Huang, Qi Hong
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:There were a lot of common points in turning the slender trapezoidal thread and the triangular thread on the common lathe, but there were...
Authors: Agus Geter Edy Sutjipto, Waleed Fekry Faris, Erry Y.T. Adesta, Hafizah Hanim
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:The development of the various scanning probe microscopy techniques has revolutionized the study of surface structure up to atomic scale....
Authors: Ping Yuan, Hui Yue Dong
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:A new finite element simulation model based on two trochoidal tool-paths was constructed, and was used to simulate a full immersed milling...
Authors: Wei He, Jie Xiong
Green Power Systems and Power Electronic Circuits
Abstract:Potential knowledge useful for traffic management optimization is hidden in a huge amount of data. Previous works use the prior data pattern...
Authors: Wei He, Jie Xiong
Green Power Systems and Power Electronic Circuits
Abstract:Based on the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices), this paper presents new research work of signal timing intersection in the...
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