Green Power, Materials and Manufacturing Technology and Applications

Volumes 84-85

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Ping Wang, Zhen Wei Zhang, Yong Sheng Deng

Abstract: The chassis of disc vibration dryer is easy to be destroyed during operation. Aimed at this problem, this paper analyses harmonic responses...

Authors: Fu Xiang Zhang, Wen Zhong Li

Abstract: In order to provide an experimental machine for elastic bungee jumping ropes, a prototype of experimental mechanism was designed, and its...

Authors: Xia Gao, Qiang Wu, Bao Yong Zhang

Abstract: The new method for separating drained coal bed methane (CBM) is based on gas hydrate formation. The thermodynamic parameters of incipient...

Authors: Yong Jiang Zhang

Abstract: Huainan mining area for the serious outburst Xinzhuangzi B4 soft coal mines in high stress, In order to improve the mining face outburst...

Authors: Jing Su, Yu Hua Zhang, Di Wang

Abstract: For the excellent properties, super-hard tool material has received much attention from researchers. The development of super-hard tool...

Authors: Wen Jian Ma, Dong Wei Li, Lin Yu

Abstract: The pyrite smelting slag as industry waste residue was always fully studied in the present research. Due to the complexity of the property...

Authors: Yu Jie Fang, Wen Bin Zhou, Ding Gui Luo

Abstract: Hydrological simulation is the basis of water resources management and utilization. In this study, Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)...

Authors: Jie Liu, En Ze Zhou, Wen Jun Zhao, Cheng Cheng

Abstract: Two-phase mechanically pumped cooling loop (MPCL) has emerged as a highly effective means for dissipating large amounts of heat from a small...

Authors: Jie Liu, En Ze Zhou, Wen Jun Zhao, Shuang Shuang Li

Abstract: In this paper, the characteristics of a special condenser for space thermal control were investigated. In order to compare the...

Authors: Jie Liu, Yun Feng He, En Ze Zhou, Wen Jun Zhao

Abstract: The two-phase mechanical pumped cooling loop is a promising thermal control system which is just like a heat pipe to realize heat extraction...


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