Green Power, Materials and Manufacturing Technology and Applications

Volumes 84-85

doi: 10.4028/

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Abstract: Removed due to plagiarism The original research was published as: SIMULATION OF ADVANCED UT PHASED ARRAY TECHNIQUES WITH MATRIX PROBES AND...

Authors: Xin Ying Wang

Abstract: With the development of the pioneering deployments in multi-hop wireless networks, although the relative research have not proven...

Authors: Jing Jun Lou, Qiang Hong Zeng, Shi Jian Zhu

Abstract: In considering transmissibility of force and the output force of actuator, the transfer function was got between input excitations and out...

Authors: Wen Bing Chen, Jin Chun Feng, Song He Huang

Abstract: Analyzed the commonly used method that machined large diameter hole bottom transition arc surface, it’ advantages and shortcoming. Through...

Authors: Yoo Jae Kim, Jiong Hu, Soon Jae Lee, Benjamin J. Broughton

Abstract: This paper presents artificial neural network techniques for predicting the compressive strength of Aerated Lightweight Aggregate Concrete...

Authors: Jin Hua Wang, Wen Juan Huang, Hong Yan Zhang, Yao Gang Li

Abstract: In this paper, we took lathe as the research object, and established an active vibration control system model based on neural network AVC...

Authors: Rong Chen, Wang Ping, Hao Xu

Abstract: A high degree of integrity is the most remarkable feature that makes double-block ballastless track different from other ballastless track...

Authors: Xu Bing Chen, Yang Song, Han Xin Chen

Abstract: After describing geometric characteristics of a PDC drill bit’s waterway surfaces, an approach for collision-free trajectory generation are...

Authors: Wen Feng Wu, Wan Qing Wu, Zheng Mao Wang, Jian Li Yang

Abstract: Ship-ship collision is a very complicated process, different collision parameters will lead to different results. Using ANSYS/LS-DYNA to...

Authors: Jie Shi, Xiao Lei Zhang, Su Ting Yang

Abstract: Fascine objects can be applied in the process of emergency rescues in the Middle and Lower reaches of the Yellow River. Because fascine...


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