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Authors: Yu Hui Zhang, Quan Ji, Hong Jin Qi, Xi Quan Sun
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:Fluorocarbon coatings were deposited on the surface of regenerated cellulose films by RF magnetron sputtering, using polytetrafluoroethylene...
Authors: Hui Xiao, Yang Lv, Bao Guo Ma
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:A type of porous material was prepared mainly using iron tailings and shale, adding foaming agent, fusing agent and flexibility agent. To...
Authors: Zi Li Liu, Fei Fei, Ping Shen, Gui Bin Zhou, Xi Qin Liu
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:Mg-xZr damping alloys (x=0.6, 1.5, 2.5, 5, mass %) were prepared by PM (powder metallurgy ) technology, and effects of Zr contents on...
Authors: Zhong Zheng Yang, Ke Liang Li, Wen Xuan Zhao, Yue Zhang
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:Mullite/corundum composites synthetized by sintering with bauxite as raw material was researched. The sintering temperature, main crystal...
Authors: Yan Dong, Yang Zhou, Wei Jie Gu, Tong Cao
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:Long afterglow phosphor is a special energy-saving material, which can store the energy of light irradiation and release light slowly....
Authors: Ying Ying Dong, Ji Hua Wang, Cun Jun Li, Ju Hua Luo, Hui Fang Wang, Qian Wang, Wen Jiang Huang
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:According to the important status and practical values of geographical factors and genetic factors in protein content estimation of winter...
Authors: Xiao Wei Liu, Jia Lu Tang, Rong Yan Chuai, He Zhang
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:3-layer anodic bonding is one of the key technologies in the manufacture of complicated structure. The microcosmic process and current model...
Authors: Ji Cheng Gao, Hui Ming Jin, Ji Qun Zhang, Jun Shi, Lu Li
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:Influence of the pulse currents, the pulse frequency and CoSO4 content of plating solution on Co content of Ni-Co alloy coatings...
Authors: Qi Li, Chuan Shan Dai, Wen Jing Jiao
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:This paper investigates numerically the motion and deposition behaviors of micro- or nano-scaled particles in fluid passing three different...
Authors: Hui Lan Li, Lei Zhou, Chun Ling Sun
Composite Design and Optimization
Abstract:Curriculum, teaching methods, clinical practice ability, dissertations and assessment methods were investigated to discuss and analyze the...
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