Green Power, Materials and Manufacturing Technology and Applications

Volumes 84-85

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xun Liu, Song Tao Wang, Xun Zhou, Guo Tai Feng

Abstract: In this paper, the trailing edge film cooling flow field of a heavy duty gas turbine cascade has been studied by central difference scheme...

Authors: Zhong Hui Xu, Dong Wei Li, Xi Peng

Abstract: Ancient pyrometallurgical zinc generated large amounts of slag. Natural leaching from ancient pyrometallurgical zinc sites had contaminated...

Authors: Fu Bing You, Xin Tang Zhang, Zhi Xiang Pan, Ge Sheng Li

Abstract: Hydrous-ethanol is reformed to hydrogen-rich mixture gas which is an excellent fuel for engines. The advantages of this approach are that...

Authors: Tao Du, Li Sheng Ji, Guang Yi Gao

Abstract: In this thesis, in the double preheating system of air and gas, the high temperature air combustion process of low calorific value gas, in...

Authors: Yan Lai Zhang, Zhong Hao Rao, Shuang Feng Wang, Hong Zhang, Li Jun Li, Ming Long Zhang

Abstract: A numerical investigation on natural convection heat transfer in a 2-dimensional enclosure heated from below has been conducted with...

Authors: Fei Bao Lu, Guo Lin Lu, You Shu Huang, Xiang Hui Yuan

Abstract: A 320×240 readout circuit (ROIC) for the uncooled pyroelectric infrared detector was fabricated in the double-poly-double-metal (DPDM)...

Authors: Yun Liu

Abstract: Take the German Scheuerler’s four-axle trailer steering mechanism for the study, establish the simulation model of the steering system....

Authors: Qi Ming Yang, Ying Fu, Cun Yong Guo

Abstract: There was a new down-hole BOP that was designed to control blowout effectively in exploiting petroleum gas. The BOP was a new blowout...

Authors: Xue Wen Rong, Rui Song, Yi Bin Li, Hai Bo Zhang

Abstract: This paper proposed a novel mechanism for an unmanned electric vehicle with four-wheel independent driving (4WID), independent steering...

Authors: Zi Fa Liu, Anaya Lara Olimpo

Abstract: To enable wind turbine and the power converter have the ability to protect itself without disconnection to power grids during the fault,...


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