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Authors: Liang He, Wan Lin Guo
Green Design Technology
Abstract:Material selection in mechanical products based on total life cycle design is a complicated work, which should be studied systematically. A...
Authors: Agus Geter Edy Sutjipto, Afzeri, Amir Akramin Shafie
Green Design Technology
Abstract:Field-induced oxidation has become a promising process that is capable of directly producing high-resolution surface oxide patterns on...
Authors: Hui Zhi Zheng, Xiao Feng Hu, Zhao Heng Du, Wei Liu
Green Design Technology
Abstract:The electrostatic charge accumulates on the surface of the aerial vehicle when flying. And the electrostatic discharge would impact the...
Authors: Jing Chang Pan, Hong Hui Shao, Xiao Long Li
Green Design Technology
Abstract:Catalog is a celestial databank which records various parameters, such as location, motion, magnitude, and spectral type. UCAC2 (The Second...
Authors: Jia Zou, Ke Tian Li, An Ji Liu, Jun Chao Li, Wei Bing Zhou
Green Design Technology
Abstract:The Auto Rivet-Placing System was designed to replace the existing manual operation which was hard to ensure the precision and the...
Authors: Dong Sheng Li, Xi Zhang Chen, Qi Xun Dai
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:Microstructure and the precipitated high temperature ferrite δ phase of an austenitic steel 10Cr18Ni9NbCu3BN tube was investigated. It...
Authors: Zhen Hua Bai, Qing Tian Zhou, Xiao Dong Shi, Hong Xin Si, Gao He, Dong Dong Zhang
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:As to the production of degreasing unit, fully integrated with the equipment and technological features of the line, the approach for the...
Authors: Bo Wang, Yu Wang, Jin Lin Huang
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:The Pig is an important tool during the process of oil-gas pipeline’s production, replacement, daily operation and management. Its outer...
Authors: Bin Cheng, Li Zhi Gu, Qi Hong
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:With the wide use of NC, higher accuracy in machining is increasingly required for premium mechanical components. However, machining accuracy...
Authors: Jin Chun Feng, Song He Huang, Lei Li
Green Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:The edger mill stand belonged to the oversized integrated-casted stand-type heavy parts, if it was machined on the planer milling and boring...
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