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Authors: Naseem Baig Muhammad, Jian Sheng Fan, Jian Guo Nie
Chapter 5: Computational Mechanics
Abstract:Concrete filled tubular columns (CFT) have been used in buildings and bridges since long in history, and research reported in china is since...
Authors: Yang Wang, Shou Rong Wu, Zu He Wang
Chapter 5: Computational Mechanics
Abstract:In the 21st century, because the shortage of mineral resources has seriously affected the development of China's industrial economy,...
Authors: Yi Chi Zhang, Li Liu, Xiao Lin Dong, Fa Sheng Li
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:According to the research on land securitization of China and other countries, land securitization of contaminated site in U.S., and a...
Authors: Wei Zhang, Dong Sheng Zhang, Peng Shao
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:Based on the different failure mechanism for shallow and deep rock mass, combined with the test result of ground stress and difficulties of...
Authors: Guo Xing Chen, Xi Zuo, Zhi Hua Wang, Xiu Li Du, Cheng Zhi Qi
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:Based on the test data of shaking table tests of subway station structure in liquefiable ground under both near-field and far-field...
Authors: Pei Sen Zhang, Wei Yan
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:In this paper, small strain model, being able to reflect the small strain characteristics of soil, was adopted to calculate and analyze...
Authors: Wei Guo Yuan, Hai Ying Chen
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:Through comprehensively analyzing of the present earth excavation methods and combined with Kangwang road tunnel engineering earth...
Authors: Xu Dong Li, Chao Su
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:Many hydroelectric power stations are constructed on rock foundations. Therefore, the stability of rock slope is critical for the engineering...
Authors: Heng Zhang, Shou Gen Chen, Liang Chen
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:One of difficulties in super long tunnels’ construction is the construction ventilation to meet the requirement of normal construction...
Authors: Xiu Li Liu, Chao Guo, Xin Bo Wang
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:Aerated concrete block has been used in infill wall of projects widely, but the cracking of aerated concrete block wall is a new common...
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