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Authors: Shuai Xu, Yue Yin, Zhi Hua Chen
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:This paper presented the construction technique of a double-layer spherical lattice shell with a diameter of 66m, while the small-unit...
Authors: Ming Li Huang, Shu Feng Pei, Wen Zheng Wang, Hua Kuan Liu
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:Fengtail North Road Station uses a open and cover combination of laying fabricated strap method for the first time, so we monitor the Cover...
Authors: Guang Sheng Bian, Qiang Jia, An Ying Chen, Fang Gu
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:There were four collapse accidents of fastener-style steel tubular formwork support being investigated in the article. The collapse mechanism...
Authors: Hong De Wang, Tie Jun Cui, Yu Bin Qin
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:Basing on FLAC3D (Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua), the shield tunnel construction process is simulated, and the influence factors and...
Authors: Jian Ping Han, Qing Yan, Wei Zhou
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:The Wenchuan earthquake of May 12, 2008(Mw=8.0) was the most significant earthquake that had affected Chinese Mainland since the Tangshan...
Authors: Tao Lu, Yu Lin Lu, Jing Yan Huo
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:The Equivalent Linear Method is a common way used in earthquake engineering to analyze nonlinear site seismic response, but the response...
Authors: Deng Yuan Zhu, Zhan Yong Yao, Yong Wei Zhang
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:Taking the advantages of groove pedestal and pier pedestal, a new type of pre-tensioned pedestal is constructed. The new pedestal makes full...
Authors: Hao Cui, Dong Wei Li, Ren He Wang
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:Through the large number uniaxial strength tests and the creep test tests of the artificially frozen soil of Cretaceous strata, we obtained...
Authors: Jin Hu, Xue Zhi Yang, Yong Zhang, Jun Ye Zhong
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:This paper takes the Daliushu Dam Site in Yellow River as an example, which is located near the active fault zone with high seismic...
Authors: Pei Yuan Lin, Lian Sheng Tang, Qing Feng Ding
Chapter 6: Construction Technology
Abstract:On the basis of analyzing the occurring mechanism of pile skin friction, pile-soil relative displacement difference function is introduced,...
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