Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Hui Zhou, Yuan Gui Mei

Abstract: With the speed-up of subway, the discomfort problem of passengers caused by pressure waves becomes more and more serious. The prediction...

Authors: Yan Hua Yang, Guo Zhi Zhang, Jian Bo Liu

Abstract: Tai-Zhou Bridge, which has a three-tower and two-span, is 1080 meters long and 2 meters wide. The middle tower is a huge caisson foundation...

Authors: Jie Gao, Ke An Chen

Abstract: A study on SEA properties of periodically stiffened structure was accomplished based on the periodic theory. With application of certain...

Authors: Jia Song, Zhen Bao Li, Yong Ping Xie, Xiu Li Du, Yue Gao

Abstract: An experimental study was made of the mechanical properties of large scale confined concrete subjected to the axial compression test. Eleven...

Authors: Shui Chang Liu, Li Fu Li, Zheng Qi Gu, Yong Zhang

Abstract: Various return oil channels of a large self-dumping truck hydraulic tank don’t work synchronously brings the exit temperature fluctuations,...

Authors: Li Ping Jiang, Wei Liu, Lei Shi, Yan Liu

Abstract: In the complex conversion analysis of multi-degrees of freedom,large calculation count needed in each calculation step of Genetic Algorithm...

Authors: Yuan Wen Cao, Xue Jiao Huang, Li Ying Ma, Sheng Qiu, Shao Xiong Gui

Abstract: In this paper a dynamical equation about vibratory drum - soil system was set based on the non-linear character of vibration compaction of...

Authors: Yun Qian Xu, Ai Zhong Lu, Ning Zhang, Pan Cui

Abstract: In order to improve the ultimate bearing capacity, In this paper, the theory of functionally graded material is introduced. This paper...

Authors: Zhen Xu, Xin Zheng Lu, Ai Zhu Ren, Xiao Lu

Abstract: To replicate the scene of bridge collapse realistically, accurately and completely, this paper proposes a scene simulation method of bridge...

Authors: Yong Jiang Yu, Chun Hui Zhang, Chun Zhang

Abstract: In order to obtain the heterogeneity of coal, the mechanical tests were performed. The experimental results show that the heterogeneity of...


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