Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Huang, Yan Liang Shang, Hao Zhang

Abstract: Abstract. For the bridge temporary structures, the present mainstream calculation method is based on dialog box data entry or command flow...

Authors: Zun Yi Xu, Yi Liu, Lei Yan

Abstract: Considering the requirements of the high accuracy, high reliability and real-time capability for the aircraft geomagnetic correlation...

Authors: Yong Hong Li

Abstract: Efficiency and accuracy of forward problem are important in structural analysis. A real-time algorithm, called inversion reduced-basis...

Authors: Hua Kuang, Yan Hong Fan, Xing Li Li, Ling Jiang Kong

Abstract: Based on the optimal velocity model, an extended optimal velocity model is proposed to simulate the movement characteristics of multi-types...

Authors: Ze Guang Han, Ming Kun Yang, Rui Qin Hao, Hai Yang Yu

Abstract: In this paper,the model of dynamic simulation about the truck crane’s luffering mechanism has been established. The optimal expression of...

Authors: Da Jin Li

Abstract: Strengthening the practice training is a primary means to ensure the safety in coal production. To solve the limitation of traditional work...

Authors: Wei Jun Tao, Shi Huan, Xiang Qian Tan, Guo Ping Jiang

Abstract: A multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) vibration isolation system (VIS) model is established with finite element method. And the numerical...

Authors: Chao Li, Yu Lan Wang, Hong Zhi Yang

Abstract: Natural Zoning for Highways is the important basis of highway network planning and establishment of related specifications and standards....

Authors: Yan Qing Bao

Abstract: There is large fires risk and difficult evacuation in underground buildings, so it is necessary to study the development of fire and...

Authors: Zuo Yi Kang, Zhi Jun Han, Guo Yun Lu, Zhi Fang Liu

Abstract: The buckling of no-way double-layer portal frame that column is fixed is simulated by using ANSYS. Through analyzing the portal frame...


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