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Authors: Yong Jun Meng
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:The increasing scarcity of modified asphalt is affected by storage stability at the present , then the preparation of high strength...
Authors: Towhid Pourrostam, Amiruddin Ismail, Mahmood Mansournejad
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:Delays in construction projects are usually inevitable, and most projects are not completed on time. The scope of this study was to find out...
Authors: Hong Jun Jia, Na Tang
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:Facing the questions of the global climate change and energy shortages and other issues, the low-carbon economic development model which...
Authors: Yang Chen, Yong Zhao, Jing Rui Zhang
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:For the large cascaded hydropower stations, an electricity pricing mechanism of cascade hydropower stations on large basins is proposed. The...
Authors: Wen Qing Wu, Shuai Chen, Xue Yuan Ma
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:Based on three bridge dismantlement, duct grouting density of prestressing tendons was investigated in-situ . The indices were analyzed...
Authors: Jing Yan, Li Xin Yin, Guo Wen Li
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:The green house can save resources and harmonize with nature. The major functions of the green house should be environment-friendly, saving...
Authors: Wei Xu, Yan Yan
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:The comfortable housing project for low-income urban residents possess many special characteristics such as large numbers, dispersed...
Authors: Yang Wang, Ying Wei Ren, Hong Min Zhou
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:The coal mine safety accident is a significant problem to be faced in our country's coal mine safety management. Facing the increasing...
Authors: Feng Zhang, Zhao Yi Xu, Zhi Yi Li
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:Combined with Wuhan test section of Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger special line, proportioning of mixtures、integrity of pile、bearing capacity and...
Authors: Wei Min Wang
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:Based on the data of the extra large diameter and extra distance of drilling of the Shanghai Yangtze Tunnel Highway, the paper introduces...
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