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Authors: Yan Qun Tang
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:At present the construction enterprises in our country expand rapidly toward building collectivized operation and a series of development...
Authors: Zhi Gang Yin, Wei Li
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:This study focuses on the risk management of international hydropower contracting projects. The approach of questionnaire has been used to...
Authors: Yong Ping Wang, Pei Yang, Chun Quan Dai
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:Civil architecture energy conservation efficiency evaluation is a kind of multi-factors, multi-hierarchies and multi-criteria synthetic...
Authors: Yong Liu, Li Zhang, Shu Lian Wu
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:The author tries to develop and implement a web-based Project Cost Integrated Management System (WPCIMS) in China. The targets, the Cost...
Authors: Chong Yin Huang, Xin Sheng Xiong, Yong Zhao, Li Shan
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:There is no precedent in China which supplies uniform drinking water for a city or a group of cities, thus to study drinking-water pricing...
Authors: Cheng Hua Li, Xiao Hong Yun, Hui Mao
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:Owing to the increasing complexity in the construction safety management, integrating experts' knowledge and experiences to make appropriate...
Authors: Liang Gong
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:The aim of this research is to investigate the risks in public relationships with different stakeholders in an EPC project overseas from the...
Authors: Li Xin Li, Hong Zhen Li, Yu Bing Duan, Xu Wang
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:The integrative fuzzy set pair model, established by set pair analysis (SPA) and fuzzy hierarchy analysis, was introduced to pre-evaluation...
Authors: Hong Ping Wang, Yun Peng Hu
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:Risk management is an important component of the project life cycle cost management and the project cost risk management system includes...
Authors: Wen Jing Wang
Chapter 8: Engineering Management
Abstract:When there are storey-to-storey relationships or construction storey by storey, to discuss the flow construction cycle time with technology...
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