Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun He, Xiao Ping Wu, Zai Chun Yan

Abstract: The Guangzhou New TV Tower with a total height of 610 m is the tallest tower in the word. It comprises a 454 m high main tower and a 156 m...

Authors: Jian Wei Zhang, Min Jie Zhu, Li Wei Zhang

Abstract: Green construction is the main reflection of the sustainable development strategy in the application of engineering construction, and the...

Authors: Zhi Bin Liu, Xin Ma, Wen Long Dai

Abstract: Due to release and accumulation of industrial contaminants in natural soil in some regions, and the long-term interaction between leachate...

Authors: Zhen Hua Shi, Zhao Wan Gao

Abstract: A mathematical model for the soil-water characteristic curve is proposed in the light of bounding surface plasticity. The main drying and...

Authors: Dong Sheng Zhang, Wei Zhang, Xu Feng Wang

Abstract: Based on the achieved engineering practice results of deep roadway drivage in Xinwen Mining Area, aimed at drivage problem of deep...

Authors: Yi Wu, Chun Yang, Jian Cai, Jian Ming Pan

Abstract: Elasto-plastic analysis of seismic responses of valve hall structures were carried out by using finite element software, and the effect of...

Authors: Ming Hua Hu, Lian Sheng Gu, Di Lian Tang

Abstract: Filling pile is a common form of pile foundation work, it passes the superstructure loads to the deep stabilitily soil or rock , reducing...

Authors: Cong Shi Wu, Gong Liu, Wei Da Shen

Abstract: A remedy scheme of water leakage in the deep foundation pit of a subway station is introduced. The deformation and axial forces of the...

Authors: Hao Zhang, Dong Bin Xu, Tao Ge, Yan Ying Xing

Abstract: An identifier-selection method based on the recognition probability of the expressway network was proposed. Firstly, the probability model...

Authors: Jing Wei Wang, Yan Jiang, Dong Ling Ma

Abstract: In this paper, the work of data acquisition is devided into the horizontal distance and height measurement according to the features of 3D...


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