Advanced Transportation

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Authors: Pelin Alpkokin, Sabahat Topuz Kiremitci, Goker Aksoy

Abstract: Istanbul is the major city of Turkey and is a typical large urban settlement facing serious problems of transportation. Amongst the others,...

Authors: Xiao Feng Chen, Zhong Ke Shi

Abstract: Lane departure warning system is an important element in improving driving safety and the main difficulty of which is to detect and...

Authors: Zhong Min Fang, Zhi Ya Chen

Abstract: In the article, the economies of scale of the logistics transportation network was chosen as the evaluation tools, and then the logistics...

Authors: Zheng Chang, Jing Lu, Zhuang Qi

Abstract: This paper deals with the problem of optimally locating dry ports for seaport. Evaluation system for dry port location decision is...

Authors: Hui Xing, Shu Lin Duan, Hong Liang Yu, Qin An Liu

Abstract: For disposal of the shipwrecks in the coastal and inland waterways timely and properly to ensure navigable vessels safely and smoothly, the...

Authors: Wei Kou, Lin Cheng

Abstract: With the development and realization of industrialization and urbanization in the world, urban traffic volume grows rapidly; many big cities...

Authors: Xu Tao Gao, Chao He Rong, Xiao Ling Cheng

Abstract: How informatization promotes the development of integrated transportation system is discussed in this paper. A model of the relationship...

Authors: Chuan Jiao Sun, Ru Yue Bai, Yuan Yuan Yu

Abstract: 9238 traffic accidents data are collected in rural road of China. Through the data analysis, the main causes of rural road traffic accident...

Authors: Xi Yan Han

Abstract: “Farmer-supermarket direct-purchase” is a new mode of circulation for agricultural products in China. Without a modern logistics system, it...

Authors: Xue Dong Du, Rui Shang, Zi You Gao

Abstract: A prediction model of train operation benefit is proposed in this article to help the railway administration's analysis of benefit based on...


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