Advanced Transportation

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Authors: Andisheh Ranjbari, Afshin Shariat Mohaymany, S. M. Mahdi Amiripour

Abstract: Transit network design as the first and critical phase of public transportation planning is extremely sensitive to transit demand. An...

Authors: Xue Yuan Liu, Yuan Wang

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the status quo of Kunming urban traffic, Kunming's urban public system reveals problems with development of...

Authors: Zhi Min Gao, Fa Sheng Liu, Meng Chen

Abstract: Along with social economy's swift development, the urbanization and the motorization advancement also speed up along with it, and brought...

Authors: Rosalind Juo Ling Sia, Bi Hu Wu, Jiong Hua Li

Abstract: Mass Transit is the transportation for tomorrow. Mass transit is able to commute a large amount of people in a certain period of time with a...

Authors: Da Ning Zhang, Ai Ping Fei

Abstract: Abstract. Due to the analysis of prevalent problems of out urban transportation and the reasons, this essay will illustrate the meaning of...

Authors: Yong Liu

Abstract: This paper presents an approach to calculate PA matrix of transit trip from passenger flow volume. This approach is based on inverse...

Authors: Lai Fang Sheng, Chao He Rong, Yan Song

Abstract: The urban rail based Transit Joint Development (TJD) has become one of the most important financing channels for constructing urban rail...

Authors: Mohammad Hesam Hafezi, Amiruddin Ismail

Abstract: Nowadays, delays problem are important issue in preparing schedule for public transportation. It is related to behaviour of passengers,...

Authors: Bing Liu, Ji Ping He, Zhi Wei Wang

Abstract: At present, the fragmented development of urban and suburban bus system is facing many problems and difficult to adapt to the requirements...

Authors: Hong Wei Yuan, Wen Bo Zhang

Abstract: In order to reduce traffic accidents, achieving safety and harmony of traffic color, a quantitative research on traffic color of urban road...


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