Advanced Transportation

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Authors: Lin Hua Sun

Abstract: Lead concentration of pond sediments near the road, as well as pond sediments far away from roads in a rural area in Sixian County, northern...

Authors: Wei Liu

Abstract: In the framework "one city, four park" of Weifang BEDA, an idea to construct an 80-km seaport logistics park has been under discussion,...

Authors: Xiao Jing Ban, Chuan Jiao Sun, Jian Gang Gao

Abstract: Road transportation accidents of dangerous goods occur frequently. These accidents destroy and pollute the environment seriously, cause huge...

Authors: Liang Xue

Abstract: Drop and pull Transport is an economic, environmental protection, a high efficient mode of transportation. It has already been widely used...

Authors: Qiong Liu, Chang Rong Liao, Dan Xia Zhao, Lei Xie

Abstract: Presently the electric power harvested from vibration energy by existing researches is mostly at the level of μW or mW, which is not...

Authors: Yao Hua Li, Jing Yu Liu, Qiang Yu, Jian Ma

Abstract: The direct torque control (DTC) for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) possesses many advantages: simple control configuration,...

Authors: Rui Deng, De Bo Huang, Guang Li Zhou, Hua Wei Sun

Abstract: In the present work, the CFD software FLUENT is used to calculate the ship resistance and simulate the flow field around it. Comparison of...

Authors: Yan Jing Meng, Yao Hua Li, Meng Xiao Wang

Abstract: The DTC for PMSM possesses many advantages: simple control configuration, lesser parameters dependence and fast dynamic response and is a...

Authors: Yue Jun Li, Liang Li, Han Cheng Dan

Abstract: Biological enzyme used for catalyzing reaction of soil is a new material which is completely different from traditional highway material....

Authors: Bo Ying Shi, Chen Hui Liu, Jian Zhang Wang, Ru Hua Zhang, Li Lei

Abstract: Aiming at the shortcomings of present researches on the energy-saving and emission-reduction effect of BRT, the paper first gets actual...


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