Advanced Transportation

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Quan Chen, Yong Yin, Li Na Li, Shen Hua Yang

Abstract: This paper puts forward a new design of intelligent navigational simulator due to the fact that the target ships in the current existing...

Authors: Min Huang, Hai Bin Wu, Ming Lei Rao

Abstract: To provide continuous guiding information is one of the basic functions in road guide sign system. The representation model of guiding...

Authors: Zhi Min Gao, Fa Sheng Liu, Meng Chen

Abstract: The urban road traffic congestion has not only brought many inconvenient for people's routine work and life, but also will restrict the...

Authors: Mohammad Hesam Hafezi, Amiruddin Ismail

Abstract: Nowadays, the total volume of passenger trip demand has increased due to population and economic growth. In this situation , government...

Authors: Xi Jie Rui, Hua Bai

Abstract: Given the necessity for monitoring security situation in operations of expressway service area, the feasibility of building intelligent...

Authors: Shi Xu Liu, Hong Zhi Guan

Abstract: The influence of different traffic information on drivers’ day-to-day route choice behavior based on microscopic simulation is investigated....

Authors: En Wei Chen, Tie Ming Zhou, Zheng Shi Liu

Abstract: A new technique is present in this paper that transforms the railway track irregularity power spectral density of left and right rails into...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Xing Li Li, Zhi Peng Li, Xiang Lin Han

Abstract: As a kind of typical bottleneck influencing the transportation seriously, the lane reduction has seldomly been investigated with the optimal...

Authors: Yun Feng Gao, Hua Hu, Tao Wang, Xiao Guang Yang

Abstract: In this paper, to overcome the limitations of the weighted combination and single objective optimization methods, we presented a...

Authors: Qiao Ru Li, Liang Chen, Chang Guang Cheng, Yue Xiang Pan

Abstract: The most important and critical step to improve road traffic safety is prediction and identification of traffic accident black spot. A new...


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