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Authors: Xiao Yan Li, Zhen Dong Zhang, Hao Qian, Qiang Cheng
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:There is increasing demand for a finer atomization of fuel spray in order to improve the engine performance and mileage, reduce exhaust...
Authors: Jing Yu Wang, Xing Jun Hu, Ying Chao Zhang, Bo Yang
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:To research the aerodynamic characteristics of minibus, the simplified model is studied with simulation and wind tunnel test. The validated...
Authors: Kun Zhang, Chen Ping Jian
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:This paper is mainly about improving vehicle use friction material and reducing vehicle braking noise. With the improvement of friction sheet...
Authors: Lei Yan Yu, Zhen Long Wu, Wan Zhong Zhao
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:Automobile steer by wire system (SBW) is a novel steering system. Firstly, the linear four degree of freedom dynamics model with steering...
Authors: Zhen Qin, Wen Tao Xu
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, an efficacious and accurate method for analyzing random vibration and fatigue lifespan of coaches with high degrees of freedom...
Authors: Jie Ji, Yun Wu Li, He Peng
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:An active differential is introduced with its basic structure and working principle, it consists of a couple of slip clutches for torque...
Authors: Xiao Rong Wang, Chao He Rong
Chapter 5: Carrier Operation Engineering
Abstract:The efficiency of traffic hub will affect the efficiency of transportation network; furthermore, it will affect the efficiency of social...
Authors: Yong Sheng Huang, Han Xing Zhao, Hua Ming Wang, Xiao Fei Wang
Chapter 5: Carrier Operation Engineering
Abstract:Ship launching is an important step in the whole process of ship construction. In modern shipbuilding industry, longitudinal gravity...
Authors: Shen Hua Yang, Guo Quan Chen, Xing Hua Wang, Yue Bin Yang
Chapter 5: Carrier Operation Engineering
Abstract:Due to the target ship in the traditional ship handling simulator have not the ability to give way to other ships automatically to avoid...
Authors: Zhen Xing Gao, Hong Bin Gu, Zheng Gao
Chapter 5: Carrier Operation Engineering
Abstract:Pilot should control the aircraft manually when encountering low altitude wind shear during takeoff and landing. For wind shear escape and...
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