Advanced Transportation

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rong Hua Hou, Fei Biao Bai, Jian Mei Zhu

Abstract: The sustainable development evaluation of urban rail transit investment project is an important component of its post-evaluation. It is a...

Authors: Xin Zhuang Cui, Nai Ke Liu, Wei Dong Cao, Jin Qiu Ou, Cong Wang, Xiao Zheng

Abstract: In order to analyze the drainage performance of the pavement structure with permeable base course and edge drainage system, based on the...

Authors: Huseyın Onur Tezcan, Fatih Yonar, Sabahat Topuz Kiremitci

Abstract: The aim of this study is to understand the reasons behind the mode choice preferences of passengers using a public transport transfer...

Authors: Hong Xin Guan, Jing Liu, Qi Sen Zhang, Cong Jia Xu

Abstract: Improving the skid resistance performance of asphalt pavement is an effective way to meet the requirements of safe driving on super long...

Authors: Na Li, Zhi Hong Jin, Erick Massami

Abstract: The combined optimization of continuous berth allocation problem and quay crane assignment problem are solved. Considering the real...

Authors: Wei Wang, Xue Jun Feng

Abstract: To explore development and evolution mechanism of regional logistics system, analyzed complex regional logistics system consists of certain...

Authors: Dui Yong Chen, Hui Li Zhang

Abstract: As a component of the urban transportation system, on the one hand, traffic in logistical parks shares the common features of urban...

Authors: Erick Massami, Zhi Hong Jin

Abstract: Modeling unloading operations at maritime container terminals has increasingly become crucial to container terminal planners. This paper...

Authors: Chun Yu Ren

Abstract: The present study is focused on the Min-Max Vehicle Routing Problem (MMVRP). Genetic algorithm is used to get the optimization solution....

Authors: Yang Yang, Tao Pu, Kun Ying Li

Abstract: Priority order decision of logistics parks construction project is an important issue in the process of logistics park planning. It needs to...


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