Advanced Transportation

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Lu, Jie Chen, Shi Long Qi

Abstract: With the influence of many factors such as policy, economy and natural environment, large-scale coal enterprises face kinds of risk. The way...

Authors: Ying Wu, Yi Lu, Yang Li

Abstract: This paper studies the time matter in distribution center’s service level, states a model’s preconditions and constructs a location model of...

Authors: Yan Chang Lv, Kevin Cullinane, Ping Lu

Abstract: Container handling in the ports of the Bohai Bay region is analyzed from the perspective of the competitiveness of the Port of Qingdao. The...

Authors: Chen Zhao, Xi Sheng Li, Jun Song Chen

Abstract: The origin, the composition, the function, the application and the developing trend of the Internet of Things (IOT) were reviewed. The...

Authors: Mohammad Hesam Hafezi, Amiruddin Ismail

Abstract: Bus networks occupy less space in city streets, and compared to other kinds of public transportation, need less investment cost. An accurate...

Authors: Chang Shu Zhan, Ning Xu, Zhen Jiang Ma

Abstract: This paper establishes the differential equation model and simulink simulation model of Electric Power Steering (EPS). After determining the...

Authors: Guang Bing Xiao, Bao Rui Han, Yong Jun Min, Qi Wen Qiu

Abstract: Stochastic theory and probabilistic perturbation are introduced in this paper. According to the instantaneous speed and maximum braking...

Authors: Yun Chao Wang, Er Zhong An, Mei Zhou

Abstract: A 3-DOF multi-axle steering vehicle model were established using Lagrangian analysis method, including steering system stiffness, cornering...

Authors: Jian Liu, Han Pang, Han Chuan Wu, Wen Sheng Xiao

Abstract: The sub-frame of 2500HP fracturing truck is an important component, which connects to chassis with the vehicle equipment. Because the...

Authors: Xiao Hui Zhang, Cheng Xi Lei, Jun Jia Cui, Zhong Wen Xing

Abstract: With the popularity of automobile, the safety test of automotive part becomes more and more important. As one of important indexes, the...


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