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Authors: Ming Lu Zhang, Yi Ren Yang, Li Lu, Chen Guang Fan
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:Large eddy simulation (LES) was made to solve the flow around two simplified CRH2 high speed trains passing by each other at the same speed...
Authors: Jin Ming Lu, Fan Lin Meng, Hua Shen, Li Bin Ding, Jie Ma
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:The misfire of one or more diesel cylinder and the abnormal clearance in the intake valve train of cylinder are common faults which affect...
Authors: Kang Shao, Chang Wen Liu, Fong Rong Bi, Xian Feng Du, Xia Wang, Jun Hong Zhang
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:Taking example of a four-cylinder inline diesel engine that used in vehicle, this paper makes an assembly engine of three-dimensional that...
Authors: Jian Lin Xu, Yuan Gui Mei, Fan Yang, Xin Liu
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:The air flow around the high-speed train passing through a tunnel is three dimensional, compressible and unsteady in nature. This paper...
Authors: Fa Rong Kou
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:Actuator is the key to vehicle active suspension. Based on the analyses of traditional passive suspension and active suspension system, a...
Authors: Yi Min Li, Zhi Yong Hao, Jin Li
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:The dynamic tension of synchronous belt and pulleys forces are obtained by analyzing the dynamic characteristics of timing drive system of a...
Authors: Zhao Lin Han, Yuan Yuan Fang, Feng Liu, Jing Zhao
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:Hydro-Mechanical Transmission System has six basic schemes when the planetary train for power conflux connects to other mechanism with...
Authors: Jin Jian Xiao, Si Min Huang, Yun Song Wang
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:In order to resolve matching optimization between EPS and mechanical steering system of vehicle, the difference and rate between operating...
Authors: Ming Hui Zhao, Lian Dong Wang, Lei Ma, Hui Hou
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:Based on two freedom degrees of vehicle model, control method which takes yaw rate and sideslip angle as system state, and front wheel corner...
Authors: Jin Ming Lu, Fan Lin Meng, Hua Shen, Li Bing Ding, Su Nin Bao
Chapter 4: Vehicle Engineering
Abstract:A new fault diagnosis method for rolling bearing based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD) and instantaneous energy density...
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