Advanced Transportation

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xing Li Li, Tao Song, Hua Kuang

Abstract: In this paper, a new viscous vehicular flow model proposed by Song et al is discussed from the perspective of the capability to reproduce...

Authors: Yan Xi Liu

Abstract: The proper arrangement of taxiways is one of the most important jobs for airport operations. Based on simulation technique, the problem that...

Authors: Wu Sheng Liu, Qian Tan

Abstract: The implication and characteristics of integrated land-use of station areas were analyzed firstly. Then considering the current issue of...

Authors: Xi Jiang, Xue Sheng Ji, Jun Liu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the railway infrastructure simulation demands in train operation and organization at different levels. It takes the rail...

Authors: Yi Nan Zheng, Hong Yun Yao, Zheng Zhou

Abstract: Noting that road structure and traffic condition in urban and rural area are clearly different from urban roads and highways, this article...

Authors: Yan Han, Hong Zhi Guan, Meng Xue

Abstract: As a quasi-public traffic mode, more and more attention has been paid to the commuter bus to ease the traffic congestion. To get the travel...

Authors: Ling Hong, Rui Hua Xu

Abstract: This paper proceeds from safety which is fundamental guarantee of rail transit sustainable development with the special environment of...

Authors: Li Xia Shao, Hui Bing Zhu, Hong Ping Jiang, Li Hui Qiou

Abstract: Previous studies of the shopping duration have considered the impact of sociodemographic variables and temporal constraints. In this paper,...

Authors: Li Wei Hu, Yu Long Pei

Abstract: The friction coefficient (FC) will be reduced when the roads is covered by ice-snow, and the traffic operation risk will be increased in the...

Authors: Jie Chen, Jing Lu, Shi Long Qi

Abstract: To provide effective strategies for the increasing traffic and future terminal development, in investigating ways in which terminals can...


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