Advanced Transportation

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jiang, Yu Qing Lang

Abstract: Stochastic User Equilibrium (SUE) model is equivalent to the problem of Stochastic User Equilibrium, and the solution is unique, so SUE...

Authors: Zhi Rong Jia, Jun Shi

Abstract: One of the main factors that influence the analytic results of slope stability is the determining of mechanical parameters. When the least...

Authors: Lan Ying Guo, Jin Cheng Wei, Shi Ping Cui

Abstract: To study the traffic characteristic and axles load spectra of Jaozhou bay expressway, WIM data was collected, axle configuration and...

Authors: Chao Lung Hwang, Chun Tsun Chen, Long Sherng Lee, Le Anh Tuan Bui, Bhi Song Hou, Hsi Yi Hsieh

Abstract: This study is focused on the heavy duty sleeper using steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) material to substitute wooden material and on...

Authors: Zhong Chun Hu, Kang Wu Zhuang, Feng Chun Hu

Abstract: As a lightweight, fast, airtight, flexible foundation pit supporting structure, lasson steel sheet pile has obvious advantages of...

Authors: Xiao Zhang, Ai Ling Chen

Abstract: According to “The Classification Criteria for Casualty Accidents of Enterprise Staff and Workers", the paper statistic and analyzed crew...

Authors: Ji Shu Sun, Yuan Ming Dou, Zhao Xia Chen, Chun Feng Yang

Abstract: Iron ore tailings as a kind of waste products after ore dressing is one of the major industrial solid wastes. Iron ore tailings not only...

Authors: Yu Qing Yuan, Dan Ying Gao, Hui Jun Shao, Yan Dong Fan

Abstract: In order to solve the snowing and anti-icing problems, the electric heating asphalt concrete program was proposed. Conductive asphalt...

Authors: Bai Ying Shi, Xue Yu Gao, Zhi Ge, Xue Ping Ma

Abstract: Despite of the fact that the traffic control zone for maintenance work (work zone) has been recognized as one of major priorities to...

Authors: Yan Li Ma, Li Fei Han, Yu Long Pei

Abstract: To study the reserve capacity of city road network under ice and snow condition,the upper programming model was build on the basis of...


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