Advanced Transportation

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Shan Wang, Tuan Jie Chen, Xiao Jun Ding

Abstract: In order to study the rutting problem of asphalt pavement, this paper sets up a three-dimensional model of asphalt pavement with finite...

Authors: Chi Zhang, Shao Wei Yang, Min Zhang

Abstract: For adopting to the difficult terrain and restricted conditions, a probability of using the concept of inverted function into interchange...

Authors: Yao Ting Zhu, Mao Jin Lei

Abstract: With the aggravation of high grade highway asphalt pavement destructions, it becomes particularly important to maintain pavement performance...

Authors: Zheng Zhong Li, Jing Hai Wu, Xiao Yan Song

Abstract: Based on the indoor shear test stimulation of the interface bonding force status of concrete bridge deck waterproof layers, conduct...

Authors: Jian Cheng Sun, Lin Song Wang

Abstract: The subject Introduced the analysis method of the black-spot, established the black-spot discriminant model, And gave its algorithm....

Authors: Yang Cheng Huang, Zhao Yi He

Abstract: In order to solve problems such as environmental contamination, large resource consuming, and the inflammability of present asphalt mixture,...

Authors: Guang Ri Luan, Lian Jun Wang, Yi Li

Abstract: In this paper, the influence of compound mineral admixture on cement mortar’s performance is studied. The optimum compound proportion of...

Authors: Zhi Wei Chen, Linan Li, Shi Gang Sun, Jun Long Zhou

Abstract: A calculation method of wheel-rail multi-point contact based on the elastic contact model is introduced. Moreover, the simulation...

Authors: Wei Wang, De Peng Zhao, De Qiang Wang

Abstract: Digital Channel has been an imperative need for the channel, yet few literatures about it are presented. This paper proposes a method to...

Authors: Xian Min Zhang, Li Li Sun, Chun Fei Hu, Zhi Chao Sun

Abstract: It applies flight dynamics and vibration principle to create vibration model of aircraft landing gear considering aircraft tire damping, and...


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