Advanced Transportation

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Authors: Yun Liang Li, Yi Qiu Tan

Abstract: This paper demonstrates a type of SBS modified asphalt which added 8% TPS as the mixture for bridge pavement. Four types of asphalt mixtures...

Authors: Xiao Rong Yang, Lei Yu Zhang, Hai Chao Li, Ding Ran

Abstract: It is difficult to evaluate soft foundation treatment technology using the traditional mathematical approaches, because there are not only...

Authors: Wei Guang Li, Zhi Dong Han, Zhen Bei Lv, Yan Hong Duan

Abstract: It is important to reduce asphalt mixture strong absorption characteristics to improve anti-rutting ability and reduce the urban heat island...

Authors: Li Ping Liu

Abstract: Filter layer is directly related to underground trench drainage, and the current design criterion for filter layer is relatively coarse, the...

Authors: Ke Li, Jian Guang Xie

Abstract: Based on the fiber Bragg grating sensing technology, a FBG sensor is designed to monitor the dynamic response of asphalt concrete; the...

Authors: Rui Bo Ren, Li Tao Geng, Wen Yang Qi

Abstract: The dynamic response of saturated asphalt pavement subjected to moving vehicle load is studied. Based on the porous media theory, a...

Authors: De Liang Ding, Liang Cai Cai, Xiao Long Wang, Bin Shao, Yi Zheng

Abstract: The most important step of building a new airport is site selection. Before selecting the new airport site, Airport planners should study...

Authors: Hua Cai, Feng Shuo Li, Xin Li

Abstract: ABAQUS software is adopted. And the three-dimensional finite element models, respectively oblique and vertical reinforcements, are used for...

Authors: Xiao Hua Zhao, Xie Dong Zhang

Abstract: Based on the feasibility analysis of the chloride’s released capability, a certain proportion of the chloride was added into the ordinary...

Authors: Qi Qi Dai, Yuan Fu Li, Fang Wang, Ying Wang

Abstract: From the traveler’s view, this paper uses random utility theory of the disaggregate model to construct travelers transportation choice...


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