Advanced Transportation

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Hua Zhao, Gang Xu, Jing Zhao

Abstract: This paper do the experiments of trabecular bending test and trabecular bending creep test on AC-16C asphalt mixture of adding two kinds of...

Authors: Qian Xu, Li Tao Geng, Chuan Zeng Song

Abstract: Shackle model is used to study highway investment decision under uncertainty. In Shackle model, the uncertainty associated with possible...

Authors: Yue Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the stopping sight distance of passenger car based on the operating speed was regarded as guideposts, and its corresponding...

Authors: Chi Zhang, Shao Wei Yang, Min Zhang

Abstract: Visual information is the basis of highway traffic safety, which is important for a driver to take right actions in driving. From the...

Authors: Shu Guang Hou

Abstract: Through the coupling analysis of temperature and displacement fields in freeze-thaw process of soil by ABAQUS software, a numerical...

Authors: Yi Li, Lian Jun Wang, Hua Yin, Ming Zhe Chen

Abstract: Using the uniform design method to design test of multi-compound mineral admixture and the secondary regression model to analysis the test...

Authors: Ke Zhen Yan, Zou Zhang

Abstract: An emerging machine learning technique, the support vector machine (SVM), based on statistical learning theory is very good at analyzing...

Authors: Hong Luo, Bo Liang

Abstract: While a vehicle running on the road, the vibration of vehicle and road are coupled and interacted. The vehicle in this paper is simplified...

Authors: Aaron D. Mwanza, Pei Wen Hao, Hai Nian Wang

Abstract: Although the addition of hydrated lime to mineral aggregates at asphalt production plants has become mandatory for use in all asphalt...

Authors: Yang Cai

Abstract: With uniaxle penetration test method and Triaxial Shear method test, the shear strengths for asphalt mixture were analyzed. It turns out...


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