Advanced Transportation

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Jiao Ren, Dong Chang Zhang

Abstract: Against the status quo of Yu-Chang freeway traffic accidents occur frequently, through the investigation of traffic accidents, Summarized...

Authors: Qin Yang, Xin Hui Yu, Qing Li

Abstract: According to bond condition was simulated by contact unit and pavement parameters, such as temperature, load, and structural condition were...

Authors: Lei Liu, Yan Xuan, Lan Wang, Jia Lin Sun

Abstract: Seriously inhomogeneous track rigidity of turnout will strengthen the dynamic response of wheel/rail system and shorten its service life....

Authors: Xiao Chun Zhang, Shu Shu Liu, Shi Kui Hu, Ning Zhang

Abstract: The damage of void under cement concrete slab is one of the main diseases in cement concrete pavement. By finite element method, a 3-D model...

Authors: Yuan Cheng Guo, Hai Tao Liu

Abstract: Expressway is developed quickly in China, but its construction is seriously affected by the un-uniform deformation of the subgrade. The...

Authors: Qing Yi Xiao, Hui Jing Wang, Ning Li Li, Cai Li Zhang

Abstract: Large amounts of deicing agents (abbr. Deicer) were applied on road pavements for snow and ice control each year in the cold region. The...

Authors: Bing Hong Pan, Rui Juan Liang

Abstract: To resolve heavy-duty trucks side over the boxes, scraping the guardrail and other accidents when driving into the entrance of emergency...

Authors: Guo Qing Jing, Liang Gao, Xiao Lin Sun

Abstract: Ballast flying problems obsess the high speed railway developments, causing damages to the train and deteriorations to the rail. In the...

Authors: Ji Shu Sun, Tian Xiao, Chun Feng Yang, Jian Cheng Sun

Abstract: Vehicle load is one of the most important factors influencing service performance and service life of pavement. In the pavement design and...

Authors: Wan Jie Yuan, Xiu Shan Wang

Abstract: Abstract. Through the experimental analysis on performance of the water permeability and conservation and the shear resistance of graded...


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