Advanced Transportation

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Liang Wu, Yong Xing Zhang, Nian Peng

Abstract: In recent years, frequent earthquakes had happenned everywhere in the world.Through establishing soil dynamic constitutive model and...

Authors: Yan Mei Zhang, Zhen Hua Pan

Abstract: Based on the geometry irregularity of pavement, an expression of the traffic load was put forward. The influence law of design parameters of...

Authors: Xiao Bing Chen, Xiao Ming Huang, Jin Hu Tong

Abstract: Based on the equivalence principle of bending deflection and torsional displacement, the concentrated vertical load which acts on the center...

Authors: He Jun Chai, Chang Lin Zhang, Yun Wei Meng, Hai Ping Li

Abstract: The highway in earthquake region suffered serious damage during Wenchuan’s Earthquake in 2008. In all projects of post-disaster...

Authors: Xiao Xin Yan, Zong Ming Li, Yue Hua Chu

Abstract: In this article, the waterproof curtain, the underground diaphragm wall and the soil between them are regarded as superposed combined...

Authors: Sheng Chuan Liu

Abstract: Strength reduction elasto-plastic finite element analysis defines the reduction factor when slope has been destroyed as the slope stability...

Authors: Zhi Zhong Zhao, Kui Li, Ning Zhang

Abstract: This article carries on the test to materials of the roadbed and the pavement in the room, and obtains mechanics computation parameter;...

Authors: Yi Dong, Miao Juan Peng, Yong Qi Ma, Wei Feng

Abstract: In this paper, visco-elastic-plasticity theory is employed to establish a nonlinear finite element model of the asphalt mixture pavement....

Authors: Yong Qing Guo

Abstract: This research applies Negative Binomial regression models to investigate safety effects of ramp spacing. Data for model estimation was...

Authors: Lei Fang, Liang Zhang, Shu Ming Yan, Ning Jia, Min Jing, Liang Ma

Abstract: By comprehensive analysis and design optimization of barrier structure parameters, a new type of beam-and-post steel barrier was invented...


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