Advanced Transportation

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Authors: Sheng Li Xia, Hao Yang

Abstract: The paper firstly introduces development background and design concept of China’s railway passenger stations in the New Era. Then combined...

Authors: Li Wei Hu, Yu Long Pei, Mei Ru Chen

Abstract: This paper analyses the source and development of fault tolerance theory, and discusses the working process of fault tolerance, and...

Authors: Jie Liu, Shi Wei He, Jin Liang Jiang

Abstract: Due to the similarity of passengers source in long distance transportation, competitions among passenger dedicated line(PDL), existing...

Authors: Zhi Jie Li, Fu Jian Chen, Pei Yuan Chen

Abstract: To repair remote mountainous transportation lifeline networks destructed by major natural disasters, a best repair algorithm developed from...

Authors: Fei Biao Bai, Rong Hua Hou, Hua Liu, Jian Mei Zhu

Abstract: Based on analyzing the system and network characteristics of the railway financial analysis, it discusses the necessity of financial...

Authors: Yan Fang Wei, Wei Shi, Tao Song

Abstract: Evacuation time it takes for people to escape out of a room with obstacle was investigated by using a small-grid lattice gas model with...

Authors: Xiao Ju Zhao, Zhi Qiang Tang, Ming Jun Liu

Abstract: The concept of reliability of road service level was put forward and the threshold determination method based on this concept was studied in...

Authors: Qiao Ru Li, Yue Xiang Pan, Liang Chen, Chang Guang Cheng

Abstract: The mix rate of large trucks is extremely high on expressway in China. The influence of moving bottleneck on the traffic flow of the...

Authors: Yang Wang, Li Juan Wang, Tian Wei Zhang, Qing Dong Zhou

Abstract: With the changes of composition about railway freight and car, the development process from small to big was experienced to many marshalling...

Authors: Yao Ping Li, Jian Lin Li, Bin Li, Li Wei Hu

Abstract: he traditional safety evaluation methods are mostly based on historical accident data, which belong to the macroscopical level and have...


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