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Authors: Zheng Qiang Guan, Jun Peng
Abstract:This paper introduced the fundamental types of Static Var Compensator (SVC) device and its typical circuit structures, analyzed the...
Authors: Li Cheng Yang, Li Wei Ning, Jin Xiang Hu, Yi Ping Luo
Abstract:The three dimensional finite element model of the pavement has been built on the basis of elastic-plastic finite element method and the...
Authors: Yong Li, Li Ping Tan, Bao Ru Xu
Abstract:To improve the precision of gray modeling in forest fire and solve the problem of small date modeling, ER algorithm is proposed. Based on the...
Authors: Zhi Biao Feng, Ren Jiao Han, Jing Long Wang
Abstract:The thermodynamics and kinetics properties and mechanism of sorption process were studied for adsorpting tyrosine in aqueous solution with...
Authors: Lian Liang Ba, Hui Chen, Chao Sun
Abstract:The permanent magnet generator has small size, simple structure, light weight, low cost, simple process, and eliminates the need for...
Authors: Wei Bin Chen, Xin Zhang, Su Qin Luo
Abstract:An improved Mean-Shift-based Video vehicle tracking algorithm was proposed and which can improve the real-time and accuracy of the vehicle...
Authors: Wei Bin Chen, Zhi Yang Gu, Xin Zhang
Abstract:Aiming at the tracking real-time and accuracy problem of traffic videos, a efficient Multi-target tracking method based on Fusion morphology...
Authors: You Li Ma
Abstract:It is necessary to study crack opening and sliding discontinuous displacement behavior under mixed-mode conditions because parts or...
Authors: Rui Song, Xue Wen Rong, Shun Liang Huang
Abstract:Function S-rough sets is defined by employing -function equivalence class. A function is a curve. Function S-rough sets has curve...
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