Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Xuan Jia, Da Gang Sun, Qi Yin Gan

Abstract: This paper introduces a new-type bogie wheel and its properties, i.e., bogie wheel with tubular spaced-damping, which has vibration-reducing...

Authors: Xian Zhong Yu, Gang Jie, Ping Hui Huang, Si Cheng Tang

Abstract: Based on the uncertain problem during the design of the fatigue life of drive axle housing assemble, entity model of drive axle housing...

Authors: De Li Jia, Jin Song He, Ji Chao Ning, Chun Sheng Wang

Abstract: The inverted plasma cutting power supply has multi-variable, nonlinear, strong coupling and time-varying characteristics and technological...

Authors: De Li Jia, Rui Jia Wang, Chun Sheng Wang

Abstract: Focusing on load characteristics of inverted plasma cutting power supply, this paper puts forward a nonlinear control method. This method...

Authors: Li Jin Zhu

Abstract: As an applied technology, Sports System Simulation has been widely used, but as an interdisciplinary research, it is only at the initial...

Authors: Yu Rong Lin, Si Yan Guo, Guang Ying Zhang

Abstract: A fault detection method applied to a redundant strapdown inertial navigation system, which usually undergoes rapid maneuvers, is developed...

Authors: Jun Feng Chen, Jun Zhu

Abstract: By adopting ship motion equation of rolling with single-freedom degree, together with coupled heave-pitch motion equation, the irregular...

Authors: Yu Rong Lin, Qiang Wang

Abstract: Several orthogonal feature extraction algorithms based on local preserving projection have recently been proposed. However, these methods...

Authors: Wei Xiang Xu, Ling Yan Sun, Xu Min Liu

Abstract: The paper investigates kinds of classical Bayes classification arithmetic and summarizes their advantage and disadvantage, then introduces...

Authors: Ya Li, Hai Rui Wang, Lin Wu

Abstract: A Multi-Agent based distributed fault diagnosis reference model is important for high speed and automation. Fault diagnosis and maintenance...


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