Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Lei Dai, Si Miao Sun, Hong Jun Han, Zhi Jun Li

Abstract: Of all the real cases of water resources demonstration for construction projects, research on biomass energy cogeneration plant (generating...

Authors: Li Xia Wang, Qiu He Yang, Shu Qian He

Abstract: The novel multipoint forming technology based on Hydro-forming processing was developed, and the drive mode was discussed. Die is replaced...

Authors: Hui Zhong Zhuang, Han Li

Abstract: A novel approach to video detection, synchronous detection lines method, is firstly proposed in this paper. It is actually a way to divide...

Authors: Hong Zhang, Jian Tao Dong, Jun Zhao

Abstract: Following an analysis of static performance of the prestressed arch supported by a single / double-layer reticulated shells ,Single/double...

Authors: Liang Qing Yang, Yi Xing Liu, Ying Chun Cai, Qing Feng Sun, Jiang Tao Shi

Abstract: This paper aimed to investigate the influence of NaCl to water molecular movement. The interpretation is that NaCl could change structure of...

Authors: Xiao Jun Zhao, Ming Ji, Xu Qun You, Chang Xiu Shi, Yin Sheng Xia, Hong Jian Zhu

Abstract: The purpose of this paper was to establish norm about the scale of self-concept on junior middle school students in the northwest China...

Authors: Guang Hui Wang

Abstract: In terms of various applications of linear motor, there are different design objectives with varying concerns. In this paper, the objective...

Authors: Xiao Liang Zhang, Xu Feng Xie, Yan Huang

Abstract: Pd-based composite membranes are the attractive membrane materials for hydrogen separation due to their high hydrogen permeability and...

Authors: Hai Qing Yang, Gang Lv

Abstract: Fast measurement of soil properties is of great value for farmland fertilizer management with the purpose of reducing environmental...

Authors: Li Bin Xia, Jin Li

Abstract: The grid map of woven fabric with curved surface which was drawn by MATLAB software was used to study on the change of fabric shape and...


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