Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao Yu Meng, Qi Ming Tian

Abstract: Fast-paced city life, people have no time to make friends by traditional methods. Appreciated when we encountered a stranger in the public...

Authors: Yun Lu, Yi Xing Liu, Hai Peng Yu, Qing Feng Sun

Abstract: Regenerated cellulose/polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) blend membranes were prepared from a solution of cellulose and PVA in an ionic liquid of...

Authors: Gui Zhu Li, Zhao Hui Li, Long Biao Xin, Yong Qiang Wu

Abstract: In order to resolve automatic measurement, automatic monitoring and control of heat energy, a new type IC Card heat energy meter with...

Authors: Dun Ming Liao, Li Liang Chen, Jian Xin Zhou, Rui Xiang Liu

Abstract: Many defects relative to stress occur during the complicate casting process, such as hot tearing, residual stress concentration and...

Authors: Wei Hui Wang, Guang Zhong Hu, Min Zhou

Abstract: At home and abroad the process of refined cotton mainly used pressing for washing and dehydration. The refined cotton with high water...

Authors: Wen Hong Yan, Jin Jin Ouyang

Abstract: Data of LAI(Leaf Area Index) are needed to study characteristics of photosynthesis and evaporation by canopy of plant community. The...

Authors: Ti Chen, Jin Tian Yu, Yue Lan Hu

Abstract: Urban cluster is a urbanized process, in the specific areas, city of different heterogeneity, type and the rank of scale forms urban network...

Authors: Ling Quan, Qi Bing Jin, Xue Wei Wang

Abstract: Multivariable non-square system with time delays often arises in the chemical production process. Owing to the matrix that is adopted to...

Authors: Chao Gao, Jun Tang Yuan, Hao Jin, Zhong Quan Song

Abstract: This paper describes the wear characteristics of impregnated diamond bits when drilling in Al2O3 armor ceramic. With different bits being...

Authors: Zhi Jun Long, Jing Fu Li

Abstract: This article focuses on modeling and intelligent control of car following behavior. The car following behavior has been modeled by nonlinear...


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