Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Cheng, Peng Fei Cao, Qing Qing Meng, Xiao Ping Zhang

Abstract: A purposed semi-cylindrical hyperlens is designed for nanolithography, which can form 20nm (or less) line width patterns with 193nm working...

Authors: Xun Wang, Ding Jun Huang, Zhi Yong Zhang

Abstract: This paper presented a new DCT-based watermarking algorithm for vector digital maps. A watermark bit is embedded by modifying the...

Authors: Ming Yang, Ying Song Zhao, Yan Qin, Yu Jing Nie

Abstract: One kind of vinyl ester has been synthesized by treating epoxy resin with acrylic acid in toluene and characterized by Fourier transform...

Authors: Chuan Jin Liu

Abstract: With the popularity of the concept of the “Hi-tech Olympics” and the rapid development of the computer technology, the modern science and...

Authors: Yuan Zhang, Hua Feng Ding, Wei Qing Wang, Xing Jiang Xiao, Jun Xu

Abstract: In the plane coordinate system, x-coordinate and y-coordinate divide the plane into four quadrants. Combing the values of two-dimension data...

Authors: Qing Ju Tang

Abstract: The transient heat transfer equation of the sample with defects is built. Numerical simulation of PT(Pulsed Thermography, ‘PT’) testing is...

Authors: Yu Juan Huang, Chun Ming Zhang

Abstract: We investigate the expected discounted penalty function in which the discount interest process is driven by markov process. We obtain the...

Authors: Yu Juan Huang, Ai Qin Li

Abstract: The risk model with dependence between interclaim arrivals and claim sizes is studied in the presence of multiple thresholds and stochastic...

Authors: Zheng Zai Cheng, Yu Jing Nie, Xiao Chao Yan, Rui Lei, Su Su Lin

Abstract: Novel zirconium complex 2 has been prepared by treatment of the ligand complex 1 with ZrCl4•2THF in dichloromethane solution. The complex 1...

Authors: Rui Lan Tian, Xin Wei Yang, Li Fang Ren

Abstract: The smooth-and-discontinue(SD) oscillator with time-dependent stiffness was put forward and founded to study dynamic characteristics of beam...


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