Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Li Fan, Wei Wang

Abstract: To analyse the effects of long-term different professional training on brain development. First, EEG singals of 12 students are collected...

Authors: Dong Qing Yuan, Jian Ting Xu

Abstract: With femtosecond laser pulse (130 fs, 800 nm, 1 kHz pulse repetition frequency) irradiation on Au/Cr film stack, several nanostructures were...

Authors: You Xin Luo, Heng Shu Li, Hui Jun Wen, Yu Zhou

Abstract: Study the existing advancing mechanism of drill, analyze the disadvantage of the flat key and the spline, and the feature of the three...

Authors: Hong Qiang Jiao, De Jun Qiao

Abstract: IP network unprecedented develops in the end of the last century and it evolutes to the next generation network. The network service also...

Authors: Ji Ping Chen, Jian Qing Qian, Sheng Zhi Li

Abstract: A 3D thermo-mechanical coupled model of hot leveling and cooling process of steel plate with nine rolls has been conducted with the aid of...

Authors: De Jun Qiao, Hong Qiang Jiao, Jun Ru Ma

Abstract: In this paper, in order to guarantee more sophisticated QoS for TCP streaming, we expand the function of output buffer control mechanism in...

Authors: Shi Feng Wang, Chang Chun Li, Jing Yu, Tian Hou Zhang

Abstract: This paper introducted the machine vision technology into the field of wheel suspension coating, used the industrial cameras for the image...

Authors: Wan Ning Ding, Hong Qiang Jiao, Zhuo Yi Chen

Abstract: In this paper, we formulate the Job Shop Flexible Resource Scheduling (JSFRS) problem, and presents a hybrid nested partitions algorithm...

Authors: Yi Yi Xu, Wei Long Li, Zi Guang Sun

Abstract: The application of virtual reality in traffic simulation is the combination of the virtual world and real world. By feeling the traffic...

Authors: Wang Lan Tian

Abstract: Fuzzy neural network, which can deal with complex data and prediction process that other algorithms can not accomplish, has become a focus...


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