Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hua Zheng, Ying Chen

Abstract: In this study a method to deposit a-Si:H-DLC film at room temperature has been explored by CVD. The interface structure of a-Si:H-DLC film...

Authors: Jian Yang Feng, Xiao De Zhou

Abstract: Six strains named SY1 to SY6 were isolated from oil-polluted soil. The degradation tests of oil by our isolates were carried out under...

Authors: Qiang Cheng, Dong Sheng Xuan, Zhi Feng Liu

Abstract: The dynamic performance of the worktable has a great influence on machining quality. In order to improve the machining precision, the paper...

Authors: Jing Fu Li, Zhi Jun Long

Abstract: In this article a new structure of a force sensor based on piezoelectric materials is proposed. The design and choice of measuring principle...

Authors: Ming Yue Zhang, Xin Yun Wang, Ju Chen Xia

Abstract: The design of pre-forging is very important during multistage forging of producing gear blank. It directly affects the behavior of metal...

Authors: Peng Luo, Chuan Min Yang

Abstract: Wheat straw is one of the most abundant and cheap lignocellulosic waste materials in the world. Nowadays, field burning is the major practice...

Authors: Peng Luo, Yu Han Liu, Xiao Qing Zhao, Pan Pan Song, Nian Sheng Tan, Meng Yuan Sun

Abstract: The use of starch as a renewable and biodegradable adhesive is becoming increasingly attractive because of the environmental concerns about...

Authors: Xian Wen Luo

Abstract: To overcome the disadvantages of getting into local optimum of the Ant Colony Optimization, this paper proposes a dynamic adaptive ant...

Authors: Xian Min Wei

Abstract: Software architecture plays a more and more important role in measurement and control program design and development. It affects not only...

Authors: Xian Min Wei

Abstract: This paper puts forwards large audio blind watermark algorithm based on MDCT and compression principles of MP3.Using Hash function,...


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