Advanced Materials Science and Technology, ICMST 2010

Volumes 181-182

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hu Ran Liu

Abstract: Put forward the method that one kind of calculation antithetical couplet moved the planet circular system efficiency , and expounded...

Authors: Hu Ran Liu

Abstract: The Stewart machining robot adopts a closed ring structure; the shaft was connected with a number of spatial links. In the coordinate system...

Authors: Hu Ran Liu

Abstract: from the generation principle and meshing theory of spiral bevel gear, this paper present a method to produce the conjugate tooth surface of...

Authors: Ya Bo Luo

Abstract: This Sharing over web is an effective approach to improve the utilization factor of Numeric Control (NC) equipments. However, the complex...

Authors: Ya Bo Luo, Ming Chun Tang

Abstract: In the previous research, a novel embedded multi-phase optimization methodology was proposed to solve the NC-hard difficulty of...

Authors: Lv Tao Zhu, Bao Zhong Sun

Abstract: In this study, tensile experiments of Twaron fiber tows under different strain rates (quasi-static:0.001s-1, dynamic: 800s-1~2400s-1) were...

Authors: Bao Chuan Han, Ya Jun Du, Chang Wang, Jing Xu

Abstract: The method of merging concept lattice in domain ontology construction can describe the implicit concepts and relationships between concepts...

Authors: Yun Yao Li, Chang Shi Liu

Abstract: The vehicle routing problem with delivery and pick-up service was considered in this paper. A tabu search was proposed to determine the...

Authors: Chang Peng Ji, Mo Gao, Jie Yang

Abstract: One of the key issues in practical speech processing is to achieve robust voice activity detection (VAD) against the background noise. Most...

Authors: Xin Yan, Jia Gen Du, Jun Ru Li

Abstract: The communication networks used to smart power grid include wired and wireless networks in terms of data transmission mode, and wireless...


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