Advanced Materials Science and Technology, ICMST 2010

Volumes 181-182

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Zheng Zhou, Hui Ma, Pei Guang Lin

Abstract: This paper presents a kind of method that the mobile terminal is seen as a tool to manage dynamic logistics information and inquiry line....

Authors: Dan Zhang, Rong Cai Zhao, Lin Han, Jin Qu

Abstract: Using FPGA for general-purpose computing has become an important research direction in high performance computing technology. However, it is...

Authors: Yu Chen, Jun Cao, De Yun Chen

Abstract: To solve the‘soft-field’nature and the ill-posed problem in electrical capacitance tomography (ECT)technology, a novel preconditioned...

Authors: Zhi Hui Qu, Yong Sheng Zhao, Bing Wang, Li Na Jiao

Abstract: Study on migration and transformation rules of diesel fuels pollution by using two-dimensional plexiglass tank to simulate underground...

Authors: Meng Zhang, Yan Ru Chen, Ling Fei Xu, Yong Qing Wang

Abstract: A robust, non-contact sensor that measures BOF endpoint bath temperature has been developed and evaluated over a large number of industry...

Authors: Tao Pan, Jun Xie, Yu Shan, Hua Zhou Chen

Abstract: Using Fourier transform near-infrared (FTNIR) transmission spectroscopy and multiple linear regression (MLR) method of the equidistant...

Authors: Mei Yang, Ying Jun Cai, Xin Zhang

Abstract: Consumer demands are the important drive of product design. Based on consumer behavior, psychology, consumer composition of infant washing...

Authors: Huai Sheng Wang, Hui Feng Xia, Zhi Guang Zhou, Xian Zhong Jian

Abstract: The calculation speed is one of most dofficult problems for a computer-generated hologram of an object. This is due to the facts that both...

Authors: Xue Ming He, Yi Lu, Cheng Gang Li, Min Min Ni, Chen Liang Hua

Abstract: Convex hull is a very important data structure of computational geometry design. This paper presents an algorithm to construct the convex...

Authors: Bao Chuan Han, Ya Jun Du, Chang Wang, Jing Xu

Abstract: The method of merging concept lattice in domain ontology construction can describe the implicit concepts and relationships between concepts...


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