Advanced Materials Science and Technology, ICMST 2010

Volumes 181-182

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Yang, Long Hao, Jian Guo, Liang Zhang

Abstract: Under the circumstances of global climate becoming warm, the development of tidal energy which is a reproducible clean energy attracts great...

Authors: Jun Wei Wang, Ke Huang, Le Lu, Zhi Gang Fang, Xian Wang Kong, Jian Tong Wu

Abstract: Conventionally, partial redundancy is applied at frail or crucial parts in most control system. As for the significant occasion of the...

Authors: Jin Zhu, Wei Kang, Xiu Mei Zhang

Abstract: A new algorithm which is the average local best position is presented to replace the local best of the traditional velocity update rule. One...

Authors: Jin Zhu, Xiu Mei Zhang, Wei Kang

Abstract: In this paper, An integrated framework is developed to handle uncertainty in short-term scheduling based on the idea of inference-based...

Authors: Xian Ying Ma

Abstract: Chain fitness club is an important site for people’s fitness activities in China and with its increasing popularity, how to select rational...

Authors: Hong Wang, Xian Li, Shuang Liu

Abstract: Design and implement a car license plate identification system with the applications of Viola and Jones algorithm. This algorithm which is...

Authors: Dong Xiao Niu, Jian Jun Wang, Li Li

Abstract: Middle-long load forecasting is an important issue for power system’s plan, investment and operation. In this paper, differential evolution...

Authors: Yang Cao, Gang Zhou, Jun Hui He

Abstract: Nickel silicide/silicon/silica composite nanostructure, i.e., Ni31Si12/Si/SiO2, was synthesized successfully by a coevaporation method,...

Authors: Wei Wan, Yong Hong Hu, Peng Wu

Abstract: For accessing data from different channel in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) immediately, a method for massive data and multichannel recorder...

Authors: Feng Liao, Xing Rong Zeng

Abstract: UV curable 3-(trimethoxysilyl) propyl methacrylate MPTMS modified silica hybrid coating was prepared through sol-gel process from TEOS and...


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