Advanced Materials Science and Technology, ICMST 2010

Volumes 181-182

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Lan Wan, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: Wool fiber was modified using ecologically acceptable ozone-assisted treatment (ECO) in this study. Chemical and mechanical analysis of the...

Authors: Hua Peng Li, Dong Wang, Jian Hui Xi, Yi Bo Li

Abstract: Analysis and design cannot be solved until a proper model of hydraulic control system of earth pressure balance shield machine is built....

Authors: Yu Qi Liu, Xiao Dong Zhang, Qiu Xia Wang

Abstract: In this paper, design on a small and high-efficiency sprinkler irrigation system is put forward to make it more effective in saving water...

Authors: Li Na Jiao, Yong Sheng Zhao, Zhi Hui Qu, Bing Wang

Abstract: This paper deals with the influencing factors on removal of diesel oil from by soil vapor extraction (SVE) method. A series of...

Authors: Yan Hua Zhang, Ji You Gu, Xin Ying Lv, Ming Wei Di, Hai Yan Tan

Abstract: This research attempted to prepare the E0 type wheat straw particleboards with low emission formaldehyde composite adhesive. The composite...

Authors: Qiao Chen, Li Jie Wang, Stephen Westland

Abstract: Spectral images contain a large volume of data and the development of multispectral imaging systems places considerable demands on computer...

Authors: Hai Qing Yang, Bo Yan Kuang, Abdul M. Mouazen

Abstract: Fast classification of soil with different texture is essential for site-specific application of different inputs into farmland. Total 178...

Authors: Long Cai, Xiao Chuan Ma, She Feng Yan, Qi Xu

Abstract: MIMO radar system that transmits orthogonal waveforms is an emerging technology that has significant application potential. Compared to...

Authors: Jiu Jin Zhu, Xue Jun Quan, Yuan Liang Wang, Shu Shu Zou

Abstract: Aiming to develop a biomaterial with excellent biocompability, a novel β-cyclodextrin modified polylactic acid (PLA-β-CD) was synthesized by...

Authors: Min Zhu, Wei Dong Liu, Wen Song Hu

Abstract: This paper present a relay protection algorithm based on fuzzy neural network theory. FZZ makes full use of the strong structural knowledge...


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