Advanced Materials Science and Technology, ICMST 2010

Volumes 181-182

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Zhu, Wei Dong Liu, Wen Song Hu

Abstract: This paper presents a power load prediction mathematic model based on wavelet neural network theory which is a new neural network model...

Authors: Ping Wang, Bao Zhong Sun

Abstract: Tearing is a common failure type during the service life of woven fabric. In this paper, tongue-tearing strength of a tight twill-woven...

Authors: Wen Song Hu, Min Zhu

Abstract: This paper presents a new algorithm of force refelecting te;epresece control system, which improve the s control signal quality. The author...

Authors: Wen Song Hu, Min Zhu

Abstract: This paper brings up a design idea based on EPLD, which describes the complicated AC sampling logic time sequence design, such as frequent...

Authors: Wen Song Hu, Min Zhu

Abstract: This paper brings up the module of time delay stability analysis. The author establishes the time delay dynamics equation of force...

Authors: Xu Chu Dong, Dan Tong Ouyang, Dian Bo Cai, Yu Xin Ye, Sha Sha Feng

Abstract: In this paper, a cooperative coevoluationary particle swarm optimization algorithm, CCMDPSO, is proposed to solve the optimization problem...

Authors: Ai Lan Wan, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: The morphology and dimension of wool fibers were compared from the usually processed in the wool applications to investigate the...

Authors: Yu Bo Xia, Yue Suo Yang, Xin Qiang Du, Ming Xing Yang

Abstract: petroleum contamination is a very common environmental problem. Soil as the protective of groundwater, its remediation relates the security...

Authors: Hua Tian, Jun Hui He, Lin Lin Liu

Abstract: Microporous manganese oxide in the form of laminar octahedral compounds (birnessite) has been synthesized facilely in a microemulsion system...

Authors: Kun Lei Lian, Chao Yong Zhang, Liang Gao, Shao Tan Xu, Yi Sun

Abstract: Process planning is an essential component of computer aided process planning (CAPP), which involves operations selection from design...


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