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Authors: Xu Tao Wang, Hua Zhen Cai, Li Sha Liu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Using the steam exploded pretreatment technology to process the corn stalk, and then the pretreated corn stalk were used the materials of...
Authors: Jiang Yong Cai, Xi Bo Zhou, Xiong Jia, Yan Tao He
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The application and development of FRP bars for reinforce concrete structures necessitates the need for either adopt the current code method...
Authors: Zhi Min He, Jun Zhe Liu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Under steam curing condition, there is significant increment in the porosity of concrete. For the purpose of reducing porosity of steam-cured...
Authors: Quan Guo He, Zhao Hui Wu, Rong Hu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:A facile and environment-friendly sonochemical route to fabricate well-defined Fe3O4/Pt and γ-Fe2O3/Pt composite microspheres under mild...
Authors: Quan Guo He, Zhao Hui Wu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Hollow porous magnetite spheres were synthesized by a simple solvothermal route with controllable size ranging from 80 nm to 400 nm. The...
Authors: Ji Hong Wu, Jun Ke
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The dyeability of PLA fabric with the natural emodin dye has been investigated. The effect of different factors, which are dyeing...
Authors: Lu Wang, Shu Jun Li, Pei Pei Liu, Guang Shou Feng, Hao Zhong
Materials Engineering
Abstract:With the depletion of fossil energy, biology material is getting more and more attention. Bark, as a kind of renewable resource, need to be...
Authors: Jing Wang, Jian Li, Shu Jun Li, Li Jun Zhang
Materials Engineering
Abstract:In this study, three extractives from China-fir heartwood were obtained by sequential extraction processes with hexane, ethyl acetate and...
Authors: Xian Bao Cheng, Rong Jun Zhao, Wei Wei Shangguan
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Using Zero-span tensile test technique, measurements of the longitudinal tensile strength of tracheids of brown-rotted Chinese fir were...
Authors: Hai Feng Zhang, Hong Peng Liu, Lan He Zhang
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The nanocomposite membranes were prepared by mixing 2.5 wt% of TiO2 nanoparticles in casting solution. In order to determine the...
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