Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering

Volumes 183-185

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.183-185

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Authors: Hong Yu Xu, Zhao Jie Cui, Jing Liu

Abstract: A simple method for qualitative and quantitative determination of PCB95, 132, 149 and 174 enantiomers in soils and sediments using GC-ECD/MS...

Authors: Dan Lv, Yi Feng Zheng, Qun Zhao

Abstract: Most of steel beams in midspan bottom slab are fixed up following the shape of girder bottom edge with both ends anchoring to the bottom...

Authors: Jiu Yin Pang, Chuan Sun, Shi Cheng Zhang, Zhen Xing

Abstract: Miniemulsion was prepared by means of different ratio of butyl acrylate with vinyl acetate emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive excellent...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Zhang, Shu Jun Li

Abstract: In this experiment, cinnamon oil was used as the raw material to produce a water soluble derivative. Cinnamaldehyde, a major constituent of...

Authors: Fu Qiang Hu, Bo Yan Song, Y.F. Guo, X.D. Yang, J.C. Bai, D. Li

Abstract: The powder mixed electro-discharge machining (PMEDM) technologies of silicon carbide particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites...

Authors: Shi Cheng Zhang, Ya Zhe Jiang, Jiu Yin Pang, Chuan Sun

Abstract: Xylan preservatives are the new environmental, pollution-free wood preservatives, which are harmless to humans and animals. Using bagasse,...

Authors: Gui Lin Lu, Hai Yan Yu, Shi Wen Bi

Abstract: Put forward a new method to prepare polyaluminium ferric chloride (PAFC). Discuss the effect of starting materials, reaction processes on...

Authors: Yong Guo, Da Gang Li, Jing Jing Li, Yu Xia Chen, Fei Fang

Abstract: The color change and bending properties of diapers scrap/PE composite and recycled milk-cartons/PE composite put in the sun environment, the...

Authors: Dong Ping Zhan, Hui Shu Zhang, Zhou Hua Jiang, Zhao Ping Chen

Abstract: The argon and carbon dioxide co-injection tests were carried out with low carbon steel melts of 100 kg in a multi-function direct current...

Authors: Jie Sun, Guo You Yin, Hua Zhang, Lan Ying Chen, Chang Zheng Hu

Abstract: In this study, effects of ultrasound processing time, ultrasound power and solid liquid ratio of ultrasonic on pumpkin polysaccharide...


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