Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering

Volumes 183-185

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.183-185

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Authors: Xu Xu, Zhan Qian Song, Shi Bin Shang, Shu Qin Cui, Dan Wang

Abstract: In the present study, a kind of bio-based waterborne polyurethane (BWPU) /ZnO was prepared with BWPU and different concentrations of...

Authors: Wan Xi Peng, Qiu Xue, Feng Juan Wu, Xu Zhang, Zhong Feng Zhang

Abstract: The main constituents at 230°С were propanoic acid, 2-(aminooxy)-(16.99%) , propanamide, 2-hydroxy-n-methyl-(14.20%) , benzaldehyde,...

Authors: Lei Sha, Yan Lai Wang, Shi Liang Ban

Abstract: CuInSe2 thin films were obtained by selenization of the Cu-In precursors in the atmosphere of Se vapour, which were prepared on...

Authors: Li Mei Xue, Feng Hua Zhang, Hui Juan Fan, Xue Feng Bai

Abstract: TiO2 doped with C was obtained by way of immersion and calcinations method by using citric acid (CA) as dopant material.,and...

Authors: Sheng Han Zhang, Jia Lian, Yu Tan

Abstract: The semiconductor properties of passive film formed on 304L stainless steel (SS), 316L SS and Alloy 800HT in high-temperature and...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Fang Zhou, Lei Zhu, Zhen Yu Wang

Abstract: In order to optimize the ultrasonic wave extraction technique of polysaccharides from Auricularia auricula, the technique conditions were...

Authors: Cui Xiang Jiang, Rui Li

Abstract: The mechano-electric behavior between carbon fiber and cement matrix was revealed by single fiber testing. The resistance between fiber and...

Authors: Jia Liu, Shu Sheng Jia

Abstract: The process parameters of LLDPE/EVA/nano-ZnO composites were optimized by two methods. Samples were prepared under the better process...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang, Xiao Yang, Yu Kun Dou

Abstract: To research basic property of Shengma fibre(green textile fiber), basic property of Shengma and viscose were tested and analysed. Through...

Authors: Ji Chang Wang, Zhen Yu Wang, Zi Luan Fan, Li Li Zuo, Shuang Qi Tian, Ke Li Yun

Abstract: Ultrasonic technology was applied for phenolic compounds extraction from the Pinus koraiensis bark (PKB) and response surface methodology...


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