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Authors: Xia Yuan, Xiao Juan Wu, Yu Liang An, Qing Yi Hou
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The sulfur-doped Y-junction carbon nanotubes (S-YCNTs) were prepared by chemical vapor deposition of carbon disulfide using Fe as catalyst....
Authors: Xue Song Lu, Xiang Wei
Materials Engineering
Abstract:In this research, a kind of Ionic Soil Stabilizer (ISS for short) is used as great extension of Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s...
Authors: Bo Li, Hua Wang, Yong Gang Wei, Jian Hang Hu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The physicochemical properties of nickel laterite ore powder were investigated by XRD, SEM and TG/DSC characterization techniques. The...
Authors: Dong Jie Li, Wei Bin Rong, Li Ning Sun, Wan Zhe Xiao
Materials Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, a master/slave telenanomanipulation control system with force feedback is established with the micro-positioner (Attocube)...
Authors: Miao Yan Cao, Chang Cai Zhao, Hong Xiao
Materials Engineering
Abstract:To reveal the pressure-transfer characteristics of the granular materials in the Solid Granule Medium Forming process, the stainless steel...
Authors: Dong Jie Li, Wan Zhe Xiao, Jia Bin Wang
Materials Engineering
Abstract:A mobile robot with autonomous recognition and automatic clearing small advertisements on the ground is presented. It’s the service-oriented...
Authors: Li Ma, Ke Chao Zhou, Lei Zhang, Zhi You Li
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Ni coatings with different grain sizes and preferred orientations were produced by the control of current density during a direct current...
Authors: Gang Xin, Ju Shen, Ya Li Meng
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The photodegradation of reactive green KE-4BD solution is investigated using N-doped titania (N-TiO2) under visible light...
Authors: Jian Wei Lin, Yan Hui Zhan, Yun Qing Xing, Yu Liu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Surfactant-modified zeolites (SMZ) with different coverage types were prepared by loading the cetylpyridinium bromide (CPB) onto the surface...
Authors: Yi Nan Hao, Xi Ming Wang, Li Jun Ding
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The feasibility of producing biodiesel from Xanthoceras sorbiflia Bunge seed oil was studied. Biodiesel was prepared from refined Xanthoceras...
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