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Authors: Xin Yan Yuan, Heng Gen Shen, Zhen Hua Wang
Materials Engineering
Abstract:In order to improve the reliability of PSA in industrial furnaces corrosion condition, tests are made in different concentration of PTFE...
Authors: Jun Feng Su, Jian Jun Cheng
Materials Engineering
Abstract:With plastics resistance to degradation in nature and lack of effective recycling practice, it has resulted in a serious threat to the...
Authors: Yong Hui Wei, Yong Zhen Zhang, Yue Chen
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The influence of DC steady magnetic field on dry-sliding Friction and wear characteristics of friction pair of high-speed steel (HSS) ring...
Authors: Da Hua Jiang, An Gui Li, Fa En Shi, Ru Shan Ren
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Natural sepiolite composites and selected sepiolite composites were prepared in liquid phase by intercalation, and the properties of...
Authors: Shu Yu Liu, Hui Zhang, Hui Wang, Jian Song, Rui Feng Yan
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Solid liquid extraction technique was applied for the extraction of oil from jatropha seeds.The optimum conditions for the lab scale solid...
Authors: Ye Li, Heng Jian Zhang
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Micrometer sized polyelectrolyte capsules have been fabricated by employing the layer-by-layer adsorption technique on charged colloidal...
Authors: Ya Rui Wu, Wei Sheng Guan, Shu Lin
Materials Engineering
Abstract:[Bmim]PF6 ionic liquid was synthesized through two-step reaction in the unmodified microwave oven and ionic liquid synthesis...
Authors: Jie Li, Qiao Mei Chen, Wei Tong
Materials Engineering
Abstract:The dendritic tetrameric quaternary ammonium surfactants of tetrachloride•tetra [(2-hydroxyl-3-dodecyldimethylammonium) propyl]...
Authors: Li Xue Yang, Hai Nan Wang, Hai Long Shen
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Tilia amurensis is one of the most valuable broad-leaved trees in northeast China. It is very important to study cutting because T. amurensis...
Authors: Zhe Zhang, De Fu Chi, Jia Yu
Materials Engineering
Abstract:Buprofezin (BPF) microcrystals were directly encapsulated with nature polysaccharides chitosan (CHI) and sodium alginate (ALG) through...
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