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Authors: Fan Zhang, Min Zhao, Wei Wang, Tie Feng Hu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Bifidobacterium bifidum were encapsulated as fresh cultures in water insoluble food grade microcapsules by emulsification–internal gelation...
Authors: Qian Qian Dai, Jun Liang Liu, Tie Jian Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The evaluation system of water environment security is improved by using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) in determining weights of...
Authors: De Hai Li, Chang Yan Sun, Zhan Bin Wang, Zhqiang Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:This study was designed to investigate the immunomodulating effect of polysaccharides purified from the fruit body of Pholiota adipose(PFBP)....
Authors: Zhi Xin Niu, Li Na Sun, Tie Heng Sun
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Higher biomass producing crops such as sunflower have already been considered as a hyperaccumulating candidate. In the present study, Cd and...
Authors: You Shun Luan
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:A novel process for methanol and dimethyl ether(DME) synthesis was developed, in which two methanol-synthesis fixed-bed reactors were...
Authors: Shu Jing Wang, Ning Chen, Zhang Yi, Jia Liu, Bei Bei Xu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Tumstatin anti-tumor peptide of 19peptide can inhibit the proliferation of melanoma cell. To study its effect on the proliferation and...
Authors: Wu Wen Lv
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:People are frequently exposed to various environmental chemicals such as organic pollutants, heavy metals, etc. Therefore, the aim of this...
Authors: Zhi Xiao Liu, Bao Ling Ma, Jin Long Zuo
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In wastewater treatment system, the humus soil activated sludge process is to culture microorganisms by setting the natural humus soil...
Authors: Hui Min Yue, Qian Yang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The factors of species of the medium, spawn age, species of the enzyme, time of hydrolysis, hydrolysis temperature, osmotic pressure...
Authors: Yi Feng Zheng, Zhong Li, Lin Cong Zhou, Dan Lv, Ming Ying, Yang Men
Materials Engineering
Abstract:All aspects of measured process should be considered to minimize the negative influence then improve the GPR detection accuracy in the tunnel...
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