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Authors: Wei Xu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Corn flour was used as raw materials, Monascus M3428 was selected. Monascus pigment was produced by liquid-state fermentation. Through the...
Authors: Yan Guo Shi, Bing Yu Sun
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The SPI was applied in food industry widely, but its functionalities may change during storage. The effect of store temperature, time, RH and...
Authors: Li Kun Huang, Guang Zhi Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In order to investigate the characteristic of atmospheric particles, TSP, PM10 and PM2.5 were collected in winter and...
Authors: Song Yan Qin, Qi Xing Zhou, Jin Xi Zhou, Ya Qi Duan
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Inhibitory effects of the combination of submerged macrophytes and aquatic plants on the growth of algal community in Landscape water of...
Authors: Bin Song Wang, Lu Jin, Fu Yi Cui, Jie Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:As an important oxidants, Chlorine dioxide was more useful in the decolorization of Reactive Red KE-3B, Reactive Blue KN-R, Reactive Red X-3B...
Authors: Bin Song Wang, Lin Hong Li, Fu Yi Cui, Jie Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Degradation of acid dye wastewater has been studued by using resin D072 load Fe2+ as heterogeneous Fenton catalyst. The effects of...
Authors: You Zhan, Fu Rong Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In order to improve treatment efficiency of coke plant wastewater with membrane bioreactor, this paper has discussed the treatment efficiency...
Authors: Yan Hui Ge, Lin Zhao, Ruo Chun Zhang, Yun Jie Liu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Laboratory-scale sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) were operated on activated sludge processes were used to study enhanced biological...
Authors: Yi Chin Huang, Shin Hao Yang, Chin Hsiang Luo
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:According to the IPCC WGII Fourth Assessment Report, more than 89% of observational data series and studies are consistent with the...
Authors: Qing Dong Qin, Jun Ma, Da Fang Fu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:All-silica zeolite beta (BEA) was tested for the ability to remove nitrobenzene and benzoic acid from aqueous solution. The effect of contact...
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