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Authors: An Yu Zhou
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:With the continuous development of Internet technology, the modern means of education based on computer network technology have been enriched...
Authors: Dong Mei Han
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:As the development of computers and internet technologies, e-commerce has become the global new business model, and become a necessity of...
Authors: Bing Zhang, Tao Cheng
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Since the 21st century, the rapid development of computer network technology has driven the new changes of all industries, of which...
Authors: Tao Cheng, Bing Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The rapid emergence of multi-media technology and internet technology is one of the typical characteristics during the information era, and...
Authors: Jing Yu, Bing Quan Zhang, Na Zhang, Yan Ying Wang, Ya Juan Zhai, Wen Bing Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In this study,we investigated the–463G/A promoter polymorphism of the MPO gene,in an attempt to explore the role of MPO in the pathogenesis...
Authors: Gang Wen, Jun Ma, Xing Fang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Ozone alone and catalytic ozonation of natural organic matter had been carried out in semibatch model reactor. The experimental results...
Authors: Jing Zhang, Hong Xian Yu, Ling Ma
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:This study was based on surveys of zoobenthos in the Songhua River during summer and autumn 2008 to provide baseline information for future...
Authors: Dong Mei Han
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The article analyzes the situation of the food quality and safety system and comes to the key to strengthen a food quality and safety...
Authors: Feng Tie
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:This paper describes the characteristics and Requirements of intelligent food processing,Introduced the principle, composition and...
Authors: Bo Yan, Wei Jiang, Fen Li, Zhen Long Gong, An Xi Jiang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The objective of this study was to use the surplus sludge from sewage treatment plant and prepare sewage sludge adsorbent in order to use the...
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